Based on global experience in start-ups, international trade and production as well as investment and banking experience, these internationally renowned mentors, managers and natural leaders joined in the area explored by them in various business and development teams, i.e. the area of electromobility. 

Our goal is to build a powerful project on a transnational level, exceeding the boundaries of established resources and technology, with emphasis on the search for a solution to global environmental challenges, together with investment and technical partners.



Michael has extensive experience as an investor in start-up projects, venture investor in major projects in Europe, including the Central and Eastern Europe market. He also acts as a mentor to Peter Jones Enterprise Academy, Techstars London and Financial Technology Accelerator Level 39 and Growth Accelerator.

Michael is a co-founder and co-owner of a (already terminated) global multi-billion entertainment empire, which is based on the global rights to the Dirty Dancing brand and the portfolio of the leading entertainment arenas and facilities in Australia.

Michael also collaborated on the “Dirty Dancing on Stage” global project which is recognized as one of the world’s best entertainment projects. Michael was also involved in the support of many major concert tours, including legendary performers such as Elton John, Usher, Bruce Springsteen and Barbra Streisand.

Another Michael´s activity is the “Chairs Global Entrepreneurs Agency”. It is a social enterprise providing programs for governments and agencies that support start-ups. GEA has been contracted to conduct trade missions in several countries and cooperates with governments and key stakeholders in Central and Eastern Europe in building and developing of business ecosystems in these countries. These include the non-profit campaign “Enterprise Slovensko” in Slovakia.


Marian is a co-owner of MSM Group, a multinational research and development and manufacturing group employing thousands of employees in several European countries. He has extensive experience in the management of subsidiaries of the group in Slovakia and abroad. He is active in acquisitions of new foreign companies and leads negotiating teams.

Marian is also the chairman of the supervisory board of the Association of Engineering Industry of the Slovak Republic and the representative of MSM Group in the Security and Defence Industry Association in Slovakia.

One of his recent activities in the area of e-mobility was the foundation of the MSM e-mobility company, which under a contract delivers dozens of charging stations for electric vehicles to Central Europe countries.


Jozef has many years of business experience in the investment, real estate and development, as well as wholesale and retail business. He worked for 12 years in the banking sector in important management positions in the corporate and retail segment. As the CEO he has built a network of 3 distribution centres in Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Ukraine and a network of 25 retail stores. During his banking career, he managed retail branches and the corporate centre in Tatra banka. 

Jozef’s greatest strength is the crisis management, identification of problems, setting and selection of management, setting of a development program and its subsequent coordination. 

Josef acts as the advisor to several important Slovak and European companies in the field of investment, banking and real estate.